Will Google App Create Thousands of Useless Android Apps?

I think it will.

The cool editor allows creating small apps based on a generic infrastructure. The editor is based on a visual configuration tool, dragging controls to the main screens and allowing a lot of basic integrations with the operating system.


It looks impressive but it's not the kind of tool that will add quality apps to the Android Market.

The number of apps on Android has been growing quickly over the past year, with some suggesting that there will be 100,000 apps by the end of July this year, compared to only around 10,000 the same time last year. Apple's App Store, on the other hand, is in the lead with over 225,000 apps.

Here's a short video demonstration:


dirkfaam said…
I would just like to make some apps for myself, not for the market. Like a simple shoppinglist app: with big buttons and without all the fancy price per kilo kind of sh*t. 
BruceT said…
I think it will create a lot of useless apps, but so what?  99.9% of the apps created will probably be garbage, but that 0.1% of creative apps by less technical people will be a great boost to the android marketplace.

The first WYSIWYG html editing tools caused a lot of crappy web pages to be created, but we got better at sorting through the noise to find the good ones.  We have to get away from the idea that the number of apps available is meaningful in any way (just look at the hundreds of iFart-type applications).