Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview – everything you wanted to know

First Samsung devices running Windows Phone 7 are now available for developers (it's called "technical preview").

You can find a bunch of great video reviews over at ZDNet blog, here' one of them:

I have to admit, I admire what Microsoft did with the user interface – it's different than anything else (beside Zune, but it's also Microsoft's).

I don't think everyone will like it - it's a bit more "advanced" than just shortcuts, and the captions are cut and some would say it's weird, but I love it. And I give MS the credit for at least trying something new rather than just copying Apple's iPhone shortcuts model.

Here are some more resources to help you learn more about Windows Phone 7:

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ha14 said…
<span>Could we expect new applications that could not be available on previous windows mobiles because of the OS?</span>