50 apps reviews sites you should keep for a rainy day


Duplicating content from other sites is something I try to avoid, but this time I just had to do it, as the following list is extremely useful for anyone who has a smartphone and wants some help with loading it with good applications.

The following list includes 50 app reviews sites. Credit goes to cellphones.org who originally published it.

Keep the link (you never know when you will need it)!

Best Apps – This blog features reviews for iPhone and Android apps.

iPhone App Reviews – This blog  has a list of the best NFL themed apps for the iPhone.

Best Windows Mobile Apps – This blog reviews and rates Windows mobile apps.

148Apps – This blog reviews and rates app for the iPad and iPhone.

Zath – This blog features ratings, reviews, and descriptions for the 11 best Android apps.

The Daily App Show – This blog posts weekly reviews for featured apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Best Android Apps – This blog has a section specifically for the top rated apps for Android devices.

Appboy Blog – This blog features a list of must-have iPhone photo applications.

AppSafari – This blog lists its’ picks for top 25 rated iPhone applications.

Recombu – This blog describes what they think is the must-have app for the Android ever.

Navigation Apps – This blog offers reviews of navigation applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

4Square App – This blog reviews foursquare and how it is revolutionizing applications for all smartphones.

Best Apps iPhone – This blog offers video reviews on all different genres of iPhone apps.

Lansing Rocks – This blog reviews a popular music app for the iPhone.

CIO Insight – The top 9 Android apps every CIO should be using.

TeknoNot – This blog reviews what they believe is the best all in one camera app for the iPhone.

Everything iCafe – This blog has a weekly feature of the best apps that users have to offer for the iPhone.

Econsultancy – This blog reviews which of the apps that you pay for or those you get for free are the best iPhone apps available.

Technama – The top 15 best iPhone 4.0 apps and must-haves.

The APPera – This is a review blog that posts screen shots, live play, and ratings of iPhone game applications.

SlapApp – This blog has hundreds of reviews for all different types of applications for the iPhone and iPad.

BlackBerry Leaks – This blog gives reviews and has a forum for user discussion about Blackberry apps.

TechAlps – This is a blog review of a great personal training application for Android.

CNet – This blog reviews applications for a variety of smartphones including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

Phone Blog – This blog lists reviews for different types of Android applications.

Gizmodo’s Best Apps – This blog lists weekly reviews of the best mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Fresh Apps – This blog lists the top 5 best iPhone apps for healthcare and fitness.

Expert Reviews – This blog gives readers a list of the top 10 paid for android apps.

App Advice – This blog offers top 1- ? lists for different interests and occupations for the iPhone.

Crazy Mike’s Apps – This blog has very detailed reviews of many different types of iPhone applications.

Android News and Apps – Lots of great info about apps for Android.

Top Tech Reviews – This blog offers insight for the best google Android applications.

3hree Things – This blog lists essential iPhone apps for traveling musicians.

Droid Life – Thos blog has weekly application reviews only for the Android.

The Smartphone Hub – This blog reviews iPhone apps, ringtones, and much more.

Genius Geeks – This blog offers readers a list for the top 10 best Android applications monthly.

Four Square apps – The top 10 foursquare apps for the Android.

Today’s Review – This blog lists the top 100 best free apps for your Android, iPhone, WebOS, and Blackberry.

Max Gladwell’s GeoLocation App Reviews – This blog reviews geolocation apps and why they are so popular now.

Retrevo – This blog recommends the 10 best ten dollar or less apps  for summer for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm.

PDA Break – This blog features the top 5 must-have free BlackBerry apps.

Supercharge Your Smartphone – This blog gives tips for the best apps to get the most use and performance from your smartphone.

Mobile App America – The blog lists the best movie tie-in game apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

My Bank Tracker – This blog is a guide to the best mobile banking apps for smartphones.

iPhone Apps for Moms – This blog lists the best iPhone applications for moms.

Facebook on Android – This blog reviews which Facebook app stands above the rest for the Android smartphone.

REbliss – This blog features the top 10 smartphone applications for real estate road warriors.

Best Android Games – This blog lists reviews of the best Android game applications.

Wireless Zone – This blog reviews what is hailed as the best and smartest of the smartphone applications for driving.

Drivesafe.ly – This blog reviews one of the best Android travel apps.

TFTS – This blog features reviews for iPhone apps specifically for those planning on traveling Europe.


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