Android OS dominates! But look who's plotting a scheme…


Android is getting a lot of success in the US. According to a report from market researcher The NPD Group: "More smartphones running Google's Android mobile operating system were sold in the second quarter than any other OS, knocking RIM from the top spot for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2007".

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But while things look perfect for Google and the Open Handset Alliance, in China, there are actual risks threatening to bite some of that success.


Baidu, the most popular PC search engine in China (with a market share over 60%), is making some moves to capture the lead of the mobile search (by trying to develop some device agnostic search widgets for mobile devices).

Hmm, but more interesting is the following:

According to Information Week, various Chinese media reports suggest the company is considering the development of its own mobile phone OS. The project reportedly would be led by former Googlers who left the company for Baidu after Google got into a spitting match with the Chinese government. The story says few people know exactly what the company has in mind, but the theory is that the company would create an open source OS.

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If so, it would directly compete with Google’s Android operating system. New Android handsets are being released quickly in China, and Baidu would like its own operating system to help give it an edge in the increasingly important mobile search market.

So are we going to see yet another mobile OS? I sure want to see what other innovations can be added…

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