Back to the past: HTC Touch shipments hit the million mark in five months (Mobile Legends)

Here at the mobile spoon we decided to take a time out from dealing with new mobile releases and salute to some of the mobile legends that we all used to like (not too long ago).

HTC was a known manufacturer of smartphones and PDA's long before Nexus One and Evo were even a piece of design document, but I think that the Touch series was the point in which HTC, as a brand, really started to rise.

I remember the HTC Touch – a tiny device with a clean minimalistic design, running Windows Mobile, packed with some cool today plugins under the codename TouchFlo (yes, the grandfather of TouchFlo3D and Sense UI). The device was absolutely stunning and many Windows Mobile fans (yes, back at the time we were still the majority…) such as myself, ran to the stores to get one.

HTC-Touch-MobileSpoon htc_touch-IMG_0386

Here's what EngadgetMobile article looked like back in November 2007:

"Shipment of the HTC Touch line -- which includes the Touch, Touch Slide, and Touch Color -- have bobbled over the one million mark as of mid November. Figures are expected to close out the year at the 1.5 to 1.8 million mark, and considering how many launches are happening almost atonce, we're believing it. Congrats HTC, five months on and the little Touch that could seems to be hitting some pretty sunny numbers. Now how about a QWERTY Touch, perhaps the HTC Twerty, or Qwouch"

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At the same page, back in 2007, another HTC device was reviewed: remember HTC Iris? (Who said only RIM knows how to make such kind of smartphones?)


I'm telling you, I don't know what went wrong with those great Windows Mobile phones! They were terrific!

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