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Mobile Spoon Recommends: NewsRack for iPad


There are many visually stunning news readers for iPad nowadays such as FLUD, FlipBoard, and others.

To me, those are al nice applications and they do seem to work out nicely as long as you are not looking for large amount of information.

For me, RSS reading is one of reasons I wanted an iPad. Research is something I do both for my work and my blogging hobbies (Mobile Spoon & MobileFever), and reading technology sites is something I do on a daily basis.

After trying a few news readers I've found the ultimate RSS Reader and it's called NewsRack.


NewsRack is, in my opinion, the best RSS Reader to date, here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Stable, convenient, fast user interface
  2. Automatically finds Feed URL based on the site URL (you know how annoying that could get)
  3. Integration with Google Reader
  4. Option to arrange feeds inside folders
  5. Marking specific articles as "Starred" or "Shared"
  6. Great sharing alternatrives
  7. Built-in browser – no need to leave the application to open the original link
  8. Option to arrange specific links inside a summary mail (I'm using that a lot to send myself the best links I found)

Items 2, 4, and 8 are critical for me when I'm reviewing the hot stories for a specific day, NewsRack really helps me arrange the information right. I absolutely love it.


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Andrew said…
Have you tried Reeder?

It only covers 1,3,5,6,7 & 8 of your requirements list, but IMHO it does those better than NewsRack. For the other things, you can still dip into NewsRack to manage your feeds.

NewsRack is probably the best all round RSS reader I have found on the iPad, but it feels so slow compared to Reeder for everyday reading which I can do much faster in Reeder in portrait mode. The sharing options are superb in Reeder.
Mobile News said…
Great post! I was looking forward and didn’t expect to see it so soon! Again, great, sound advice. Looking forward to read more under those new tabs you added!

Kevin OKeefe said…
I loved NewsRack - but it no longer works at all. Says it's updating the unread articles, but it's not. Totally worthless reader at this point.
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