Coming Soon: a Facebook tablet?


There have been a lot of speculations around a Facebook Operating System being secretly developed, aimed to compete with Google's Chrome OS which is not released yet.

Of course, with so many facebook addicts out there, browsing the internet through the social network makes a lot of sense, so why not do it from a dedicated tablet?

That's similar to what Google has envisioned with the Chrome OS, except that it's better – you get to do all the usual internet activities without loosing the ability to interact with your friends. The rumored operating system was also mentioned in regards to the "friends oriented search engine" that might become much more powerful than the usual search engines.

I recently received a concrete tip from inside about another project being done in the Facebook labs, to create a facebook-pad style tablet that will run the new Facebook operating system, and allow web browsing from the Facebook framework…

Of course, rumors come and go all the time, but in the past few years I've come to realize there is usually something true behind every rumor…

I guess we just have to see about that…


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