If You Count The iPad, Apple 3rd In Laptop Market

Just saw this interesting graph today that was incredibly shocking:

If you're willing to include tablet computers like the iPad, Apple has suddenly jumped from its previous place near the bottom of the pack for computer sales, up to number three. Once the ultra-popular portable is taken into account, Apple improves from seventh highest seller of laptops, and leaps over Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Dell, all of whom are major players on the portable computer market.

Think about it...


dirkfaam said…
And if you're willing to include the ipad, Apple suddenly jumps to the top five in the washing-machine market.
MobileSpoon said…
ha ha ha!
Good one. 

And cars too... 
But jokes aside, it's a revolution again, the second wave of the tablets, led by apple, but soon to be controlled by Win7, Android, and even a blackberry tablets. 

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