Off-topic: I want a Chatman too!



Yesterday, while desperately looking for a place to park my car (along with around 10 other frustrated drivers who did the same…), I listened to a gadgets radio show and heard for the first time about Chatman.

Chatman is a physical creator who connects to your computer via USB and integrates with your social networks/chats activities. It talks, makes funny voices, answers questions, learns and evolves and most importantly – warns kids about risks they may encounter over the web while chatting with strangers. Chatman has over 500 different actions and over 25 moods. The company who created Chatman is planning on releasing some applications for it and enable kids to build their own modules on top of it and exchange them with others.

The idea behind this is to give today's kids something real that can be a friend, will give some emotional feedback to things they do when they are out there (alone…) on the web.

Sounds cool?

Today I ran across a real Chatman at my office – I must admit the first thing I thought when I looked at the yellow thing was: "Damn! I'm getting myself a Chatman too!"


Think about a Chatman for adults: you are making a move trying to impress someone over a chat and your Chatman suddenly goes: "pulling that same old trick again? boring!"

Or a Chatman for bloggers: you are writing your best content when your buddy BlogMan is saying: "stealing content from Gizmodo again are you!?"