Oh Yeah! The iPad IS A KILLER!


So yes. I got myself a shiny iPad.

And yes – I think it's THAT GOOD!

True, I'm excited, it's a new gadget, but there are by far more things that I like about it so far than things I do not like. I predict it will become a strong productivity tool for my daily activities.

Here are my first impression notes, a longer review will soon follow:

The Obvious:

  • Amazing design
  • Amazing battery life
  • Pure fun
  • Performance… I can't explain how fast this thing works

The not so obvious:

  • Keyboard is so good it allows me to type faster than with my netbook (which I'm definitely getting rid of)
  • Emails, internet, AppStore, Notes, Youtube are all working very well, and the integration between the apps is surprisingly good.
  • Many productivity apps that are mostly well made, polished and stable: todo lists, notes, analytics, presentations, etc.
  • Reading news/blogs etc. was never so much fun before.
  • So easy to jailbreak (what? who said that???)

And I know, no multitasking yet, no flash, no camera. For now I did not find any problems without all of them, but I'm sure I will have much more to share within a couple of days/weeks.


Potential for true love? You bet.


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David Nienhueser said…
Can you view Hulu videos on it?  That might tilt the balance in my replacing my netbook.
MobileSpoon said…
Well, I guess YouTube will have to do.. :)
Anonymous said…
lets see were your iPad will be in two months...