Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad's Cousin?

The Galaxy Tab - Samsung’s 7″ tablet device, was officially exposed few days ago. It looks impressive and I believe it's the first Android tablet (not including Dell Streak which I'm not sure we can call a tablet)


By now I'm sure you saw this kick-ass video about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you haven't - here it is:

Nice looking stuff indeed. However, a closer look does show some similarities to the iPad/iPhone user interface. It's true that today everyone are stealing from everyone else, but still, as indicated here… you know what? why don't I let you choose for yourself?

Main shell:Galaxy-Tab-600x168

Hmm, looks familiar, what happened to Android's widgets based home screen?


Hey, that looks too close isn't it? I know Android and those buttons look more like an iPhone keyboard – will the Galaxt Tab be running iOS? I guess not…

Combined layout:Galaxy-Tab-1-600x171

This is one of the things I love about the iPad, being able to work with both the navigation panel on the left and the actual content. I knew everyone will use this layout the minute I found that Google have changed their GMail layout when used from the iPad. Cool.



OK, this one is too much: same color, same design, what's going on here – can't Samsung at least change the color and the position of the tabs?

I'm still waiting for this Galaxy iPad, err, sorry, Tab to arrive, but I sure hope there will be some innovations about it.

Images credit goes to matt