Samsung Omnia 4 announced – Windows Mobile is still alive and kicking

Many years ago there was this great mobile platform called Windows Mobile.

The idea was simple: you take some of the capabilities of a desktop, put them inside a tiny device, replace the mouse with a stylus and you have a micro-computer. In other words, a PDA.

Years went by, better platforms were released, Windows Mobile lost the popularity and over the years, the dignity. The basic UI was replaced with inconsistent shell wrappers trying to imitate the competitors, and after a short struggle the platform surrendered and quietly died.

But is it?

Microsoft already announced that it will continue to support Windows Mobile for the next few years in parallel with the huge investment in Windows Phone 7, but we were uncertain how things will look like in the new world. Last night I read about the launch of Samsung Omnia 4!


That's right you guys – the Omnia, the same brand that started with the first Samsung Omnia which we really liked, continued with Samsung Omnia 2 which we really didn't like (read: Samsung Omnia 2 – The Magic Is Gone), and now version 4 (what happened to 3?) is here.

Still running the same old WinMo – but with version 6.5.3 and without too many disguises. It is what it is. A business phone for people who still likes Windows Mobile. Full QWERTY, touch screen, strong platform, nothing too fancy.

We are in favor of it.

You can read more about it in here.

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