Sex, Cheating, iPhone, Android, and a lot of crap


So by now I believe most of you heard that iPhone owners have more sex than other smartphones owners.

Today I found that according to a dubious Study: Android users are dirty, dirty cheaters, and they cheat much more than other smartphone users (of course, much more, is an exaggeration…)

To me it sounds very logical: after all, if you don't get enough at home (as the first survey hints), you may look for opportunities "outside"… (which is what the second survey indicates).


Fantastic stuff…

While we are working on this imbecility attack, why not try some other stupid theories:

It's clear that if you have an iPhone, you get much more cool games therefore must spend some of your nights at home, playing those games, while Android fans, as much as the platform is strong – have much less options! So they need to cheat.

Moreover, when you have a shiny iPhone – you take it with you to bars, you show it to everyone and as this survey shows there are better chances women will date you for that…

Regarding Windows Mobile users – the surveys wanted to include them as well but all 4 of them were not available to respond.

Oh yeah, here's another one:

Porn is very hard to find when you are an iPhone user, for Android users it's free, accessible, and everywhere – therefore Android users are horny most of the time, and when they are – they go out, trying to get a date, but then, (when they are out), they see how all the good looking people are walking away with iPhone users…


This is by far the worst post I've ever written.

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H said…
Hahaha. Still, it's funny. Iphone user by the way. 8-)