What operating system will RIM's BlackPad be running?


I just read a weird rumor at ArsTechnica (the place where every rumor comes true…) mentioning the fact that the new BlackPad (RIM's attempt to create an iPad competitor) will not run BlackBerry OS.

Instead, says a new report from Bloomberg, RIM may use a custom OS developed by recent acquisition QNX to power its upcoming "Blackpad" tablet.


So, if I'm a BlackBerry fan, who is seeking for a big, wide, powerful tablet device running my favorite stuff I may end up running something… else???

I'm familiar with companies racing to release "something" for a fast ;go to market' at the cost of compromising on quality etc. I don't believe in this approach.

To me it sounds weird. I understand how RIM's legacy OS may not be able to easily cope with the change in size/resolution/etc, but I think this decision may be a bit too risky.


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