Why I dumped my iPhone… for an iPad…

It has been 4 weeks since I got my iPad and love is in the air.

I really enjoy this gadget, I take everywhere I go, and I know at least 2 people out there who are jealous (oh, but not of me – of the iPad!).


But, this promising romance does have a cost. A great one.
Ever since I got the iPad, I want to dump my useless old iPhone!
Why? Because the iPad is so great it makes the iPhone look… well… I hate to say… but it makes it look useless, old, outdated, too small, slow, lame, tired, geeky, irrelevant, useless like an iPod Nano…


After you use an iPad for a while you start to ask yourself - why settle with that tiny limited screen when you can get yourself a giant version, faster, with a much better screen (I do not have iPhone 4 yet), and a far better user experience?

True, iPad cannot fit a pocket, but who cares? It's lightweight and carrying it around is like carrying a notebook (the old fashion notebook of course…).

Yes my friends, the iPad thought me something about my smartphones habits; I found that reading mails, ebooks, RSS feeds, doing blogging, managing sites statistics etc can all be done using a smaretphone, but it's far more comfortable (not to mention fun) to do those activities from an iPad.


Of course, you can argue and claim it's even more comfortable to do many of those tasks from a laptop or a netbook – but the portability of those devices is so bad it turns the all experience into a bad one.

To me, the combination of the form factor, weight, battery life, and of course the great operating system (jailbroken of course) with the touch surface – make the ideal platform for "leisure working".
(hey I love that term: LEISURE WORKING. I should sell it!)

On the negative side I can say that I'm still missing some kick-ass games for the iPad, but I'm happy with the productivity apps which are are way better than the iPhone ones. Another thing worth mentioning, and that is on the positive side, is that with the large screen Apple created some very interesting user interface concepts, different than any desktop application out there, creating an innovative user experience. The kind of experience that makes design fans like me really enjoy working with the iPad.
Stay tuned with some more updates about my iPad impressions here at the mobile spoon.
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Anonymous said…
The book The 2020 Workplace" calls it Weisure time.