10 reasons why any geek must get an iPad


  1. Because Netbooks are so un-cool (let me tell you a secret: they are exactly like notebooks, but smaller!)
  2. Because the speed, the resolution, the amazing keyboard, and the overall design simply cannot keep you indifferent
  3. Because this device, which is not a computer, but much more than a smartphone – really have a lot of usage (that is, if you are a geek)
  4. Because the touch experience is simply a university of user interface (and many geeks are software developers…)
  5. Because it's really unhealthy to place a notebook on your knees, and you cannot always find a table…
  6. Because of the Marvel comic reader. I fu<beep>ing love this app!
  7. Because if you consume more than you create – this one is for you (and forget about flash, flash is so 80's)
  8. Because iPhone is great, but iPad makes it look old, small, and boring
  9. Because even though the apps are not there yet, we can all smell them coming! (most geeks have a special sense of smell…)
  10. Because in 2 years we will all have tablets, why not start now?


top ten perfect reasons .. a very good list :)
i was browsing internet for knowing the reasons for having an ipad , like the page
Tablets are awesome, however for pure fun and attractions - I'd get the Samsung galaxy. Android is awesome, it's free and better software.