20 Must Have iPad Apps For Consuming Information

There are countless sources of "must-have" applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more. I've decided to start collecting them, and I'm sure that when time comes, it would become handy.


Today we start with Jason Hinter from Tech Sanity Check and his:

20 apps that take advantage of the iPad's strengths:

This list focuses mainly on apps that help you consume content form the internet, news, and social media.


1. Flipboard - News aggregator

2. Kindle – Amazon books reading app

3. Documents to Go – best office documents editor and synchronization app

4. ToDo – Beautiful Tasks app

5. Twitter - Twitter’s official iPad

6. Analytics HD -  Google analytics client app

7. Evernote - a great note taking app

8. Pulse - another iPad news aggregator based on RSS feeds

9. SkyGrid - Another great news aggregator for the iPad.

10. ProPublica - a non-profit publication of investigative reporters

11. NPR - Another one of the best iPad news apps.

12. The New York Times Editor’s Choice - offers a selection of its top 10-12 stories in six different sections (news, business, technology, opinion, arts, and features).

13. USA Today - offers virtually all of its stories in digital format.

14. The Guardian Eyewitness - features amazing world news photography from the popular UK newspaper.

15. The Weather Channel - takes advantage of the tablet interface to show weather…

16. NASA - lets you explore photography from satellites, research historical information and more.

17. Netflix - lets you watch movies and shows (on-demand).

18. Hulu Plus - streams video content from the major studios to your iPad.

19. Angry Birds – the famous iPad/iPhone game – one of the bests.

20. Scrabble – scrabble game.