5 things you didn't know about the iPad


I'm spending a lot of time playing with the iPad these days. I love it.
I think any geek needs one, but not everything is perfect:

  1. Battery life rocks, but charging the damn thing takes forever (hint: longer than the Nexus One!)
  2. It's heavy, seriously, surprisingly heavy
  3. Running iPhone apps using the iPad compatibility mode is horrible, I never want to do that again. Graphics look bad, it is a shocking experience.
  4. Without a case – the damn thing feels naked, if you are buying one – make sure to get a case
  5. Remote desktop applications are not yet solving the lists scrolling problems – that sucks
  6. Worst part in getting an iPad – it makes you hate your tiny useless iPhone. (hey, who added number 6? I specifically asked for this post to have 5 items!)