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Jason Hiner (Tech Sanity Check), has published his leaderboard of my top 10 Android handsets. In his words: "It’s dangerous because this is very subjective stuff. The smartphone that is the best fit for you is going to depend heavily on your needs and preferences" – but since I enjoy those subjective argues, I'm going to publish his list here with a link to his site so you can all go and argue with Jason in case you feel his list is not accurate enough.

(for instance, placing the horrible Nexus One as number 2???)

Here's the list:

sam-captivate Android-Mobile-Spoon droidx incredible


Pound-for-pound and feature-by-feature, there’s still nothing out there in Android land that can hang with the HTC EVO 4G. With its 4.3-inch WVGA screen, 8 megapixel camera, 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, front-facing VGA camera, Micro HDMI port, 3G Wi-Fi hotspot, and 4G WiMAX capability, the EVO has it all. (read more…)

2. Google Nexus One

This was the first Android device that really knocked my socks off, and I still use it as the gold standard to measure every other Android smarty. Sure, it doesn’t have the best battery life and its screen isn’t as big and bold as the HTC EVO or the Droid X, but it is remarkably elegant and usable and it remains the one Android phone untarnished by the mobile manufacturers and telecom carriers. (read more…)

A small comment by the Spoon – we totally disagree. While the Nexus may look beautiful from the outside, it has so many flaws it made us literally throw it away after a month of using it.

3. Samsung Vibrant

The Samsung Vibrant snuck up on a lot of people. Samsung hadn’t produced many good smartphones in recent years. In fact, the Samsung Omnia was so bad that I rated it as one of the worst tech products of 2009. (read more…)

The Spoon has to comment on this one: we actually loved the first Samsung Omnia, although the second omnia completely lost the magic

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4. HTC Incredible

(read more…)


5. Motorola Droid X

With Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G drawing much of the attention of the Android world since its unveiling at CTIA 2010 in March, the response from Motorola and Verizon (the previous darlings of the Android world) was the Droid X. It matched the HTC EVO with a 4.3-inch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, a Micro HDMI port, and mobile hotspot functionality, but it lacked a front-facing camera, 4G connectivity, and the extra polish that HTC puts on Android with its Sense UI.(read more…)

6. Samsung Epic 4G

This version of the Samsung Galaxy S is the one that departs most significantly from the standard form factor. (read more…)


7. Motorola Droid 2

The fact that this phone is all the way down at number seven on this list is an indication of just how competitive the Android market has become, because this is an excellent smartphone. The original Droid really kick-started the Android revolution and remained one of the best-selling Android devices on the market throughout the first half of 2010. (read more…)


8. Samsung Captivate

The other Samsung Galaxy S to make this list is AT&T’s Samsung Captivate, which has virtually all of the same internals and specs as the Samsung Vibrant but has a flatter, boxier form factor. (read more…)


9. HTC Aria

The HTC Aria might be one of the best kept secrets of the Android world. HTC could have honestly named this phone the EVO Mini. It looks a lot like the EVO, but in a far smaller package. (read more…)


10. LG Ally

The LG Ally is not very pretty — except for being pretty underpowered — but it does have a few redeeming qualities that can make it attractive. It has a great little hardware keyboard — the best hardware keyboard on an Android device next to the Epic 4G. (read more…)

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