Another Android Based Tablet Is Coming: Sharp Galapagos

Another player in the tablets business: say hello to Sharp. The company announced “Galapagos” in Tokyo (See Press Release), with Galapagos being the name both for Sharp’s cloud-based e-book service and two new Android tablet/e-book devices supporting that service.

Two models of the e-book readers have been developed—a mobile type featuring a 5.5-inch LCD screen that reads like a paperback book, and a home type featuring a 10.8-inch high-resolution HD LCD that allows users to enjoy magazines formatted across a two-page spread.


Other Features

  1. Track ball feature in the mobile type with 5.5-inch screen. Users can rotate the track ball like a PC mouse and can flip the pages with one hand.
  2. Sharp’s e-book application software for PC “GALAPAGOS Station” enables users to organize downloaded content on PCs. Users can mark and add comments on the e-book content.
  3. PC data, including documents and maps, can be converted to XMDF format, and can be viewed on the media tablet.
  4. Web browser will display websites for PCs on a high resolution LCD screen.
  5. Pre-installed social network service application enables sharing readers’ comments and e-book list with friends.
  6. The Galapagos e-bookstore service is scheduled to start in Japan in December. Sharp says that buyers of the reader can expect a total of 30,000 newspapers, magazines, and books at time of launch.

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