Can Windows Phone 7 Save Nokia?

Well, the title of this post could might as well be: Can Nokia Save Windows Phone 7, but I figured the first one will work better, especially given that I have high expectations form Windows Phone 7.

According to MobileTechWorld, "Looks like the “Nokia is switching to Windows Phone7″ rumors are back in full force thanks to the nomination of Stephen Elop as the new CEO of the Finnish company (he is Microsoft’s ex-President of Business Division). According to one of Venturebeat’s “trusted source” the company is contemplating the possibility of adding Windows Phone 7 as an additional platform for its phones. Unfortunately this is the only thing said in about this in the VB article so you better grab a hand-full of salt."

Well, I would be surprised if that will happen, but you know how most of the technology rumors end up (HAPPENING!).

I would say it deserves a new image, don't you?



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