Coming soon: iWatch, iSpeak, iRing and more!


The Mobile Spoon has received some exclusive images of what's likely to become the next Apple products line, based on the new iPod devices, running iOS of course, in different sizes. 

We have our doubts of course, but we never argue with rumors…

Here are some of the models we were allowed to reveal:


The best way to know the time while listening to Pandora radio.


iSpeak Nano:

Now with a new exclusive service called EarTime: look who's talking – from inside!



Flexible device, compatible with any belt, compatible with any mood (hard to get mode with password protection vs. slut to unlock mode and pinch to get closer… )


Fancy Jewelries:

iRing and iNeck Nano – the best gift for your woman! Featuring an amazing Retina display, transforming backgrounds and a special remote wipeout feature in case something goes wrong…



* All images were created by the mobile spoon using photoshop, if you wish to use them, please add a link to this post.


Anonymous said…
The one good one here is the iWatch. At that, take an iPod Nano and clip it onto a Powerband and you have an equivalent.