Google says Android is not ready for tablets

Talk about bad publicity. Few days after the reveal of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google's own director of products for mobile, Hugo Barra, claims that "Froyo is not optimized for use on tablets". Wow. That could really speed up sales for Samsung isn't it…


Two upcoming versions of Android, Gingerbread and Honeycomb, will apparently be built with tablets in mind. For now, the best a hardware manufacturer can do is to put Android 2.2 Froyo on a tablet and tweak it to deal with the new form factor. But Google doesn't seem to think that's a good idea.

Samsung seems to have reworked built-in Android apps such as e-mail and the calendar on its own, but the real problem will begin when trying to download apps that were not built with the large screen in mind.

Specifications comparison: Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab:


Talking about specs, it seems like the Galaxy Tab does hold some advantages like the camera, flash support, GPS, weight, and of course… phone, but to me it seems irrelevant – the most important factor is the operating system and the applications running on top of it, and besides – who cares about a phone that big? And a camera? will I really stand in front of my family with this gigantic gadget and ask them to smile? Don't think so…

For now, I'm happy with my camera'less iPad. The OS seems solid and everything falls just into pieces.

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