iPhone App Review: StopMotion Recorder

Mobile Spoon Recommends: StopMotion Recorder for iPhone

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Just finished playing with a cool iPhone application called StopMotion Recorder. I must admit this is one of the coolest iPhone apps I've ever seen. It's far from being perfect, but being version 1.0 as it is – I'm counting on the developers to continue and improve it.

StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera designed to make stunning stop motion videos.

Before we go on with the features – here is the first video I made using StopMotion Recorder for iPhone: (quality sucks, but it's my first try…)

Creating the movies is very simple, the grid on the screen plus a semi transparent picture of the previous take make it very simple and fun to create those movies.

StopMotion Recorder Features:

  • Loop & Reverse Rendering.
  • Automatic capture with time interval.
  • Manual capture with simple touch on screen.
  • Manual capture with clap sound.
  • With 'Preview', You can change FPS & remove frame by frame. And check how it looks right away.
  • With 'Onion Skin' feature on manual mode, You can make next shot more smoothly.
  • With grid on manual mode, You can check that object is exact horizon or vertical.
  • Video can be shared via email, 'Flickr', 'Twitter(TwitVid)', Twitter(yFrog) &'Youtube' ('Facebook' Will be included next update).
  • Save movie to Camera Roll.
  • 6 frame styles available. (White, Convex blur, Burned, 135 Reversal, 135 Negative, Blurred)
  • Max 99 captures available.
  • Super Easy user interface.

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