Looking at Samsung Galaxy Tab (videos, links, more)


Here are some links and videos about the promising Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To my opinion the tablet is a bit small, that is – too close to a large smartphone. Keyboard cannot probably act amazingly as the iPad keyboard acts in landscape mode (I type with it as quick as I type with any notebook!). On the other hand – some people said the iPad is too big, so maybe that's the perfect tablet size?


User interface is far too similar to the iPad stuff: landscape mode in emails, books apps, they all make me a bit upset as I'm looking for some new user interface concepts and I simply do not get them from Android devices.

From the videos below, you can see that the device comes with a phone… not sure many people will want to use this way…

All the rest looks decent. I'm not over impressed, but I was not impressed with the iPad at first and now I simply can't leave it!



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