Smartphones market: Android continues to grow, iPhone continues to drop, RIM beats analysts estimates

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It's not the first time RIM beats analysts predictions but now with such a strong competition it seems like an even bigger accomplishment.

According to FuzeMobility RIM sold 12.1m BlackBerry devices during the last quarter, an increase of 45% compared to a year ago. And yes, I know, their smartphones are not that smart anymore comparing to the latest Android/iPhone beasts, but apparently many people still can't let go of their beloved BlackBerry.

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Apple Vs. Android:

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Apple’s iPhone 4 did not give the company the bump in sales it needed to put Android’s momentum in check. Instead, Apple’s smartphone marketshare in the U.S. dropped by 1.3 percent in the three months ended in July while Android’s share grew by an impressive 5 percentage points, reports ComScore. That summarizes a full year of marketshare lost. Is it because of the antenna issues? I know I didn't get myself a new iPhone because of that! (No one is goanna fry me with some weird malfunction design!#%!)

It cannot be because of the numbers of carriers (Android is only available on 59 carriers vs. 154 for iPhone), but maybe it's because the iPhone lacks deals with the world’s largest wireless carriers like Verizon, Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo and more. In addition, many people are looking for a physical keyboard and Android has so many different forms factor it's easier to find the perfect match…

Here’s how marketshare has changed for the top smartphone platforms in the July vs. April period:

Google  +5%
RIM  -1.8%
Apple -1.3%
Microsoft   -2.2%
Palm  0% (<—???)

Everyone went down, Android went up.


It is true that Android is just beating the value of iPhone but iPhone has its own grace and attention grabbing features