Swipe Soccer HD: iPad app of the week

The Mobile Spoon Recommends: Swipe Soccer HD for iPad!

For a while now, I've been failing to find the first iPad game that will make me say "wow". True, there are many good iPhone games that got an iPad upgrade to become bigger, faster, and more impressive, but to me – that's not the big message I've been searching for.

Yesterday I downloaded a new game called Swipe Soccer HD and then it hit me; this is how iPad games should look like!

Swipe Soccer HD is the future of tablet gaming: multi-touch, simple yet challenging, a wining combination of fun and thinking, addictive.

swipe-soccer-hd-mobile-spoon-2 swipe-soccer-hd-mobile-spoon

Swipe Soccer HD brings a new approach to soccer games. It throws away the virtual D-Pad approach, and personally I very happy about it (as I never liked using a virtual D-Pad), Instead of using one player at a time – you get to control the entire team, all of the time. Swipe Soccer HD combines the line drawing techniques (similar to Harbour Master, Fare City) with a competitive game. 2 players mode is also supported.

A fun and addictive game.

Suggestions for improvements: more settings (camera, game speed, number of players), running improvements, replays)

So, as this game is still just $0.99 I strongly recommend on getting it – especially if you are into soccer games!

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