How Many Smartphones Users Want Flash?


Numbers numbers numbers.

Few weeks ago I published a short poll trying to figure out how important is Flash to the readers of The Mobile Spoon and MobilityDigest (Link to poll).

The answers surprised me a bit, but probably did not surprise many Android users out there:

Over 60% of the people who voted indicated that they want Flash, around 20% answered they do not need it.

Do you really need flash in your smartphone.

Today I saw an interesting post over at MobileCrunch saying that Flash for Android hits 1 million downloads. It's a high number, but the calculations that MobileCrunch were doing gave them interesting numbers:

"If we use the numbers we know to be true (roughly 500k Android phones sold in 2008, 7.7 million in 2009, 100k per day from Jan to May 2010, and 200k per day from June on), we can estimate that at least 41.2 million Android handsets are floating around. More generous estimates put the platform at around 50 million units pushed."

50 million units. Around 15 million of them running the latest Android OS (2.2) which is compatible with Flash, out of which, 1 million handsets now have Flash.  Not bad, but absolutely not even close to the 60% that indicated in our poll that they will want it… I guess not all of them own an Android phone running version 2.2… 

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Anonymous said…
Most of the new Froyo builds come with flash built in I think
Dave Wright said…
It came bundled on my HTC wildfire (v2.1)