How To Edit Google Docs From Your iPad?

If you are using Google Docs a lot, you may need to access and edit them directly from your iPad.

Here are 3 ways I've found to do that natively, without relying on the rumors that Google will soon add iPad support for their Google Docs web-based-app.

Memeo Connect Reader:


Memeo Connect Reader – a great design, great usability, but unfortunately, as the name hints, it currently only supports downloading/viewing documents and the actual editing should be done from another app such as Pages, QuickOffice etc.

Nice, but definitely not enough for us. Memeo is out.

QuickOffice HD:

Good looking, not too many options to format the text etc, but what matters the most is that it allows editing and synchronizing Google Documents directly from the iPad. Spreadsheets editor is also very basic, but simple and fun to use.


Working with it for a while I found that you can create new documents, copy them to your Google docs folders, synch, drag & drop and more – it feels nice, working well. I love it.


Documents To Go:

Doc To Go has a very nice interface to work with your Google Docs. It also has a wider set of features when actually editing your documents. It also has an option to create powerpoint presentations. The problem is with the actual editing of the documents: whenever you open the keyboard, the main toolbar is hidden – that is annoying and makes operating the application slower and cumbersome.


I think that in terms of features there may be things in Documents To Go that are better than other alternatives, but I just couldn't stand the actual editing experience. Files are presented in a very basic list, and I found some missing capabilities like moving files from one location to another.

The Verdict Of The Spoon:

Focusing on working with Google Docs (and not, let's say, working on MS PowerPoint presentations) – my verdict is that QuickOffice HD is the app I intend to be using in the near future when working with my Google Docs.

QuickOffice performs better when it comes to arranging the files in folders, and hierarchy. It gives the impression of a drive with an easy to use drag & drop capability and therefore much more comfortable. It also scores better in terms of usability. On the other hand in pure documents editing it feels not as rich as Docs To Go. QuickOffice also misses a good spell-check which is a shame. Still, overall experience and usability is better in my opinion for QuickOffice HD.

BTW, be prepared for some quirkiness in formatting going back and forth between the website of Google Docs and your iPad apps.

Verdict: Best way to edit Google Docs with the iPad is using QuickOffice.