How To Select The Perfect Android Phone?

Confused of the latest flood of new Android handsets?
Here are some of the latest models introduced by Motorola and others:

Motorola-FlipSide Motorola Droid Pro

Motorola Droid Pro:
One of few devices that carry a BlackBerry-like QWERTY keyboard and a full 3.1-inch touchscreen display (without a sliding mechanism like the Torch). It means that the phone will be longer than the usual size, but for some business people it may be the perfect fit. Especially when the phone is also packed with enterprise ready tools like remote management utilities. Froyo inside.

Motorola Citrus:
Smaller device (3 inch display), no physical keyboard, MOTOBLUR as the main interface and social network integration, no Froyo yet, just version 2.1.

Motorola Bravo:
This "Palm Pre" styled 3.7-inch slider, also includes MOTOBLUR, and a second microphone (like in the Nexus One)  for crystal clear communication.

Motorola FlipSide:
Horizontal sliding QWERTY keyboard for the heavy emails people. A 3.1-inch touch display with a unique touch panel beneath it for navigation.

Motorola FlipOut:
I love this one, it's the first device for a while now, which I find truely unique. Motorola has added a small 2.8-inch display that opens up to expose a full QWERTY keyboard. Perfect for young people (or old childish people like myself). With social networking incorporated throughout the phone. Rumors about 8 different colors for this phone.

motorola-flipout (1) Motorola-Flipout

Want to see the entire list of Google Android smartphones? Looking for an easy way to compare between different Android models?
Google just launched the its' new phone gallery, it looks amazing. Check it out in here.


Notice some of the phones have the "with Google" logo on them, which indicates the Google experience is part of the smartphone (what is the Google Experience?. Other Motorola phones have the MOTOBLUR included (What is MOTOBLUR?).


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I love Motorola phones but in my experience Samsung Galaxy SII is the best android phone so far.