How will Office OneNote look like in Windows Phone 7?

I love Microsoft's Office OneNote. I think it's a great application to manage your data, meetings summary, lists, links, images and more. I love it (did I mention I love OneNote?)

Unfortunately, an important use of such a powerful notes application is on the move, from a tablet or a smartphone, and in the past, Microsoft did a really bad job in including the great features of the desktop version of OneNote in the mobile version of it.

Here's what Microsoft has to say about it followed by a video demonstration:

"OneNote Mobile 2010 for Windows Phone 7    If you have Windows Phone 7, you can use Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 to work with your notes from anywhere—whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go. OneNote Mobile 2010 is part of Office Mobile and already on your phone in the Office hub, so you don't need to download or install anything else to get started. You can use OneNote Mobile to create or update notes using many of the same tools you’re familiar with in the desktop version of OneNote, such as inserting voice memos and pictures into your notes, viewing notes and locating specific pages in a notebook, creating lists, and opening and editing notebooks that are stored on a SharePoint 2010 site. You can also add notes to a OneNote notebook that was created for you and synced to Windows Live SkyDrive. This way, you can view and edit your notes on your phone using OneNote Mobile, on your computer using OneNote 2010, or online using the OneNote Web App in a web browser."

Check out this Windows Phone 7 Office HUB demonstration:

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