iPad is taking the leadership for iOS devices

Can it be that Apples iPad is cannibalizing other Apple products like iPod Touch and even… iPhone? 

According to eWeek – YES. It is possible, and is currently happening.

"iPad shipments are outpacing those of iPhones and of DVD players, according to a research note, with a current sales rate of 4.5 million units per quarter."

Wow, that's amazing isn't it? Well, for some of us it isn't. I've said in the past that ever since I got my iPad, I completely lost any interest in the iPhone


In fact, the iOS seems like it was actually designed to run on a large tablet screen. The applications look amazing on large HD screen size, the experience is better – everything is better.

Then you go back to your iPhone, or iPod Touch, and you immediately want to go back to the real thing… the iPad.

So if you are looking for a phone, you will not buy an iPad instead, but if you are looking for a gadget, like iPod Touch, or a secondary smartphone to add some fun to your BlackBerry experience – iPad can actually a better alternative than an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Not convinced? Check for yourself, or read 10 reasons why any geek must get an iPad.