Is that a transparent smartphone in your pocket?

From time to time it's nice to look at the future and imagine how things will look like in a couple of years.

Of course, then comes Apple and "teaches" us something about ourselves with an iPhone, iPad, or anything that can bring some more money using the combination of the two, but let's leave that for a second…

(more iTouch products in here)

Here's a nice imaginary device, smartphone that is changing according to the weather. Nice.



George said…
Wow, this looks really impressive. I love this prototype. I am just wondering about reading during daytime on outdoor strong sunlight.
NY Lice Removal said…
Awesome smartphone! The style is so unique that I can't imagine how it feels when you have it in your palm. Is it strong enough to avoid the side effects if you're outdoor and under the pressure of sunlight??
Sam said…
I think its not very far that we'll see some phones like this. Looks great especially with transparent looks.
First time coming across such a transparent product... Looks unique and wonderful.