Looking for a To-do App for Android? Check out Taskos


Hey friend'os, looking for a cool To-Do list for your Android? You just came'os to the right place'os!

Here is Taskos To Do List a simple and intuitive to-do list application for Android phones. It has a nice UI which is easy to use. It also comes with lots of features like viewing your daily agenda and also getting scheduled alerts etc. and FREE!!!

Taskos-To-Do-List-Mobile-Spoon Taskos-To-Do-List-For-Android


  • Speech to Text support
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Easy calling from within the to do list
  • Auto-complete support (contact, popular verbs etc.)
  • Super Widget
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Enhanced productivity methodologies
  • Pre-defined Categories
  • Set Importance
  • Edit Notes
  • Easy Sorting
  • Tasks Sharing
  • Supports Android 1.5 and higher

Download: http://taskos.com/


muhammadrazzaq said…
the former Redmond employee said the move would allow the operating system to reach a low price point very quickly.