Looking for a Windows Phone 7 handset, what model should I pick?

 Windows Phone 7 Samsung-Omnia-7-Windows-Phone-7

OK, I've made up my mind. I will not be getting a new iPhone 4. Instead I will get myself a totally amazing Windows Phone 7 device.

Only question is – which one?

Given that there are now many alternatives, and most of them will have the exact same UI (guidelines by Microsoft), and the same 3 buttons – the decision may be related to the technical specs and looks.

Most of the new ones are using 1GHz CPU, but not all of them have have the same screen size.

HTC 7 Pro

My favorite 2 at the moment are the Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Pro

What should I do?


Anonymous said…
I too was disturbed by the fact that their features are almost identical across WP7 phones! To make matters worse, the features don't stand up to my HD2! How can I consider WP7 as an UPGRADE if the hardware doesn't beat my current model. I'm not going from one device with a 5mp camera to another device a year later with the SAME 5mp camera. The only WP7 standout is the HTC Desire HD A9191. If that's delayed, ANDROID OS here I come!
A good tips on how to choose it... thanks:)