Palm webOS 2.0 is the sweetest mobile operating system today. Here's why…

Yesterday we were shocked to discover that webOS2.0 was released while losing the Palm brand from it.

Today I would like to point you to a detailed video showing some of the new stuff in webOS2.0. Probably the sweetest mobile operating system today, and the one that turned UI gestures and overall usability more serious than anyone else. Oh, and there's some Flash in it too, for the ones of you who just couldn't stay without it

So there is it: a little bit of love, courtesy of

I love it.


Thanks for posting such a useful information.
CD Replication said…
Its really a very cool operating system indeed. I am very much impressed by its features.
It looks like a very powerful OS. I will look forward to chekcing it out first hand.
George said…
Definitely Palm OS2.0 is amazing. I just updated my Palm PC and I was impressed with all the innovations.