Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 1,000 apps in less than a month?


2 weeks after launch, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 continues to be a mystery: will it be a huge success? will it fail like the Kin? will it challenge the big players or smash the smaller ones completely?

No answers yet, but according to MobilityDigest, 777 apps are already loaded into the marketplace – not bad for such a short period no? To be honest, the report took place almost 10 days ago which means by today, the total number of apps might even be close to 1,000!?

Here, at the mobile spoon we are very excited with Windows Phone 7, we like it, we are in favor of it, we wish we were one of those 89,900 Microsoft employees that are going to get one for free(!) and we even started building our own little silverlight application – check out this post series discussing the experience of building the first Windows Phone 7 application! In fact, we are so excited we wish we could work for Microsoft, now that each one of its' employees is going to get one…

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