Boost Your Old iPhone Performance In One Simple Step


If you are one of the few people who still use an old iPhone 3G, you probably noticed that performance is constantly becoming an issue, especially comparing to newer iPhones or iPad.

I was under the impression my iPhone's performance sucked due to the high number of tweaks and hacks I installed over the years (multi-tasking before multi-tasking even existed, Cydia hacks, and multiple apps) – and I was certain I'm going to format is a minute before dropping it into the toilets.

Clicking the home button took sometimes 5 seconds! opening an up took forever and my friends were laughing at me saying a mobile blogger like me cannot use such a stinky phone…

But, guess what, and accidental search brought me into this thread talking about a simple trick to boost your iPhone performance with minimal effort.

The tip is to disable disable the spotlight search mechanism which is causing performance issues – mostly when moving from the first shortcuts page to the spotlight page.

However, after applying that trick I found that my entire phone now works much faster! The main problem I had was exiting apps into the home page which took a few seconds and now it's fast as it used to be!

Ha ha ha! Who sent my good old iPhone to the toilets?

I'm keeping it for good! (well, until iPhone 5 at least…)

To apply the tip, go to 'setting', click 'general', 'home' ,'search' and now disable as many items as you possibly can – those bastards are slowing down your phone ALL THE TIME…

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Anonymous said…
Nice!! Thank you. I was becoming _very_ frustrated with the slow response of my 3G iphone, especially in the phone app itself.

This tweak made a noticeable difference.

Thanks for spreading the word.
Gil Bouhnick said…
With pleasure!
I spent hours looking for Cydia tweaks to improve my iPhone performance and this one just did the job!
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