Can The Droid Remain The Number One Selling Android Phone?

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I recently read somewhere that Droid 2 and Droid X are experiencing a lower sales rate than the original Droid. Actually, the first Droid was, and still is, the best selling Android smartphone ever, but things are changing…



Samsung said it had shipped 7 million Galaxy S Android phones, 3 million of them to the US. Samsung is the leading handset OEM in the US market overall according to recent comScore data. 


So Droid has already lost its luster vs. Galaxy S, but still leads the total sales numbers.

I recently used it as part of my daily job (I'm blogging only at nights) and I have to say that for a 1 year old device, the Droid rocks. Solid device, nice keyboard (although the D-Pad location is a bit annoying), unique design, the kind that makes you say: it's so ugly it makes it beautiful.

There are, from time to time, special models that succeed more than others due to "something"… HTC Tilt had this "something", Palm Treo 750 had this "something", you cannot always explain what is that "something", but it's there.

Add to it the massive marketing and you can understand why it is the best selling Android model ever. But things are changing fast in mobility, and I bet that in a few months from now we will have a new winner in that category…

Anyone willing to bet which one it will be?


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Simon said…
I've been using the Droid for almost a year now, I've seen many other Android phones (HTC, Samsung) - none of them can match with the perfect keyboard and solid design.

Sure, HTC has some nice widgets but most of them are available now in the market...