This post is for all of you who want to root your android devices and install an alternative ROM other then the one received from the carrier.
(a ROM is a modified OS on top of the android open source project. read more about it here).

I recommend the Cyanogen project. it's basically an accumulation of components compiled ("cooked") into one whole ROM.
Cyanogen ROMs are all about adding tons of functionality to the OS (they made tethering possible long before Froyo came) as well as improving performance (speed and CPU consumption of the device).

Some features:

  1. Excellent locale to practically every country.
  2. Lots of UI tweaks (change black/white theme, adding more home screens, etc)
  3. More pre-installed apps (FM radio, task killer, torch and more)

Cyanogen cook ROMs for a variety of devices (They do terribly lack the Samsung Galaxy ROM but they work hardly on it these days). you can select between stable builds, experimental builds and, for the brave souls - the nightly builds.
Check out the site (it's not the state of the are web sites, but if you go to "Forum" -> "Downloads" you'll get all you need).

Watch the video showing some Cyanogen Mod stuff:

App of the week:
Today I recommend picplz. it's a direct competitor to the fast growing iPhone-only instagram. 
It lets you upload photos you take with your phone and add visual tweaks to it (example - make the photo look like it was taken in the 70's).
It also have social element to it (friends and followers) but the integration with facebook/twitter makes it redundant, I think. check it out (this time I added the QR code below, so you can scan it with your device using Google Goggles / Barcode Scanner app!)

Update: just to give you guys a taste - look what I did to my lock screen, thanks to the latest nightly build of Cyanogen: 
I added the phone and the messaging unlock swipers so I can make a call/SMS faster. Cool! 


samrat said…
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@Danacobar said…
(1) I want that quick phone call/message shortcut too!!
(2) checkout Retro Cam in addition to PicPlz-- totally cool