Flash 10.1 to be supported by Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android, but not iOS


Hey Jobs, what do you think about that one?

According to the latest press release by Adobe, Flash 10.1 will soon become supported by probably all of the leading smartphones OS, except Apple's iOS of course…

According to the press: "BlackBerry, HP webOS 2.0, future versions on Windows Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian – would be getting the Flash Player 10.1 treatment on top of the current support for Android OS".

Hmm, I may need to change my customized image a little bit, don't you think?


Well, we know users are looking to have flash in their smartphones, Google knows it, Microsoft seems to know it, what about Apple? My bet is that it will never change the policy regarding flash, the best that can happen is to approve 3rd party apps like SkyFire that can translate Flash into html5 protocols…

So, Adobe seems to make some progress, at last, in the mobile arena. I've yet to see a successful mobile support for Flash, but I think it may be happening soon. I know from different comments here at the mobile spoon that there are many Android users already enjoying the Flash capabilities regardless to the issues found by others.

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