Gingerbread! (Android 2.3)

Last week we got the first formal "hint" about the upcoming new android version - Gingerbread (Android 2.3).
Rumors has it that it will be announced sometimes between now and Christmas.
What to expect in this new version? here's a partial, unconfirmed list:

  1. Better support for the bigger screen. the launch of Samsung Tab made a lot of criticism about the lack of tablet support from Google side. the next version should address that as well as Google TV resolution support.
  2. Back in May, at the Google I/O 2010, a new kind of music service was announced - a kind that would directly be an iTunes competitor. it's about syncing your music using the Android Market (no cables needed). actually we were expecting that to be on Froyo but there was no sign for that...
  3. Gaming - we already heard that Google is collaborating with Sony. Gingerbread will enhance the 3D engine to support a higher level of gaming.
  4. Also in Google I/O, Google announced a new video format for the web, the WebM. so Gingerbread should have support for playing that.
  5. Various UI improvements (as expected on every new release). it was also mentioned a better copy & paste experience.
Once this new version is announced, Nexus One users can expect an immediate download options. Other's modification users (Motorola blur, HTC Sense, etc.) need to wait until Google will release the version for the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) until their providers will be able to start develop the new mod.

Stay tuned...


Phil said…
Can't wait to see how the new UI looks like, I heard for some time now that there is going to be a completely new look & feel, not sure it's for this version though...
Has anyone seen it in action besides that video?
Gil Bouhnick said…
I haven't seen one...
Ori - did you manage to put your hands on an early build just yet or any photo showing off some cool new stuff?
Ori Harel said…
The new look & feel rumors are strong mostly to the addition of Matias Duarte ( to android team. he's the guy responsible for WebOS UI and known to be an expert in the field. you can see a screenshot of Gingerbread here ( as for getting a hand on a build - well this can only be possible after Google will release Gingerbread to the AOSP - the open source project, so people can download it and install. shouldn't take much longer, though (
John said…
The Gingerbread - Android 2.3 sounds very cool. It is a shame you didn't have any photos to go along with the brief description. I am looking forward to seeing the new video format they have for the web. If it's anything like I think it is going to be I might have get it instead of an iPhone.
Can't wait to see this upgrade on Android.

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