How to download a PDF File Directly To Your iPad (Without Using iTunes)

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If you ever wanted to download a PDF file directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and didn't know how – here is a post exactly for you!

One of the things that bother me about Android is that too many applications are relying on the cloud for storage. Maybe it's because I'm a skeptical guy, maybe it's because I was born in the 70's, who knows. Bottom line is that for some information, I prefer to have my files with me. Physically.

On the other hand…

One of the things that bother me about the iOS is that everything must be done through one of the worst applications mankind has ever created: iTunes. I just hate the long synchronization, the user interface, the annoying drag & drop – it's horrible.

Sounds weird?
I know…
It is...

Anyway, you probably ask yourself why do I bother telling you about things I dislike, is there a point or do I just want to "whine" about it?

Well, there is a point. Today I will show you how to bypass one of Apple's synchronization limitations by using a useful app.

Immediately after writing about the new (and free) ebook on Windows Phone 7 Programming, I wanted to download it to my iPad. I tried the download links from the Safari web browser and guess what? The entire book opened up, inside the browser…

Ha. What about offline reading? hmm…

So I turned to the AppStore, the place where almost every iOS pain is solved (well, besides for the ones that are being solved in Cydia of course… oops, who said that? Not me.. I NEVER unlock my iDevices… )

I looked for a good PDF reader and found a nice looking app called PDFReader Pro. Downloaded it and… voila! Exactly what I was looking for!

The reader lets you open a private browser or enter a URL directly and download any PDF directly from the web. Who needs Apple!?

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PDFReader Pro has other great features built inside of it:

- Annotations and highlight support.
- USB file Sharing.
- Download email attachments.
- Landscape mode(auto rotation).
- Search capabilities( you can easily find any word on your PDF file).
- Jump to a specific page.
- Bookmark a page.
- open password protected PDF files.
- email PDF files directly from the application (files up to 10MB)
- Wifi web sharing ( to easily transfer your PDF files)
- Document Manager(copy,cut, paste and delete).
- Upload/download PDF files directly from the Web.
- Remember last position when open a PDF file.
- Scan Option available to create multipage documents in PDF format.
- Full Web browser to download PDF files from the web.


So, to conclude, if you are reading PDF files, no need to pass through iTunes any longer. No need to send them via emails – just download this useful app, and enjoy many other great features on top of a simple download functionality.

Oh, and don't thank me, I'm just the messenger…

(iTunes Link – PDFReader Pro)

BTW, If you know of a better PDF reader – please share it with us!

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