The Incomplete Guide To Saving Your Smartphone Battery Life

how to save smartphone battery

Recently I'm having difficulties finishing a day without charging my smartphones… I decided to act and present to you the incomplete guide to saving your smartphone battery life.

  1. Avoid long calls. If you have to, use one of your friend's phone.
  2. Always carry a cell-phone with you. Those things may not be sexy but they can run for days.
  3. Stop anything that drains the battery: background threads, games, running apps, screen, sound, keyboard, touch…
  4. Read books instead of RSS feeds
  5. Minimize the use of wireless networks like Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G, 3G, GPRS, modem, Morse code, pigeons
  6. Turn off Push Notifications and email push. Even better: disable your email account. Why wasting good battery?
  7. Use a GPS device when driving. Waze is not healthy for your smartphone.
  8. When looking for information, try the newspaper. It may not have an instant search like Google has, but you can find interesting stuff in there. At least that's what I've heard…
  9. Consider a smartphone with no screen. Screens are overrated and can swallow energy.
  10. Always remember to… wait… my battery is low… let me just find a… |