iPhone Hack: Present Your Calendar Information On Your Lock Screen

If you are looking for a way to view your calendar information embedded inside your iPhone lock-screen – there are a few Cydia applications that provide that functionality – only one of them is free, and it's called Lock Calendar. Continue reading for more information…

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After almost dumping my iPhone in favor of an… iPad (yes, I admit, since I had my iPad, the iPhone looked like a crippled tiny version of the real deal…), and looking for ways to get rid of it, I accidently found a solution for my performance issues and now I'm back on track with iPhone: I still think it's the best mobile platform: both device, OS, UI, apps – everything.

Sure, it misses the ability to use widgets, but hey, that's why I try to keep my iOS devices jailbroken; you can rest assure that there's a Cydia app for that!

In the past I used to recommend on LockInfo as a great app to host widgets and information in your iPhone lock screen. To be honest, LockInfo brings much more than that, with an improved home page, plug-ins you can add, and much more.

But, the problem with LockInfo is that it costs money. And I'm currently saving all my money for one thing and one thing only: Windows Phone 7 smartphone, It's not the right time to spend money on that old dilapidated iPhone isn't it?

So broken as I currently am, I started looking for a free alternative, Nothing fancy, as most of the widgets are usually not the kind of things you want to expose in your lock screen (emails? SMS? Tasks? I just need to see my next meeting, that would be enough), and guess what? There is one, and it's very easy to spot it as well – it's called Lock Calendar, and it includes the exact functionality I was looking for: configurable view of my calendar, embedded inside the lock screen, beautifully designed, scrollable, and most improtant, extremely flexible and configurable (colors, fonts, background, transparency, etc.)


So, to conclude, if you are looking for a simple and free way to present your calendar information inside your iPhone's lock screen – there's a Cydia app for that, it's called Lock Calendar.

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