LG Optimus One Steals The Android Show!

Two of my favorite topics: smartphones and transformers, what a joy!


LG reported that it has sold 1 million pieces of the new Android phone, the Optimus One, in just 40 days. Surprise? I think it is!

LG recently started making Windows Phone 7 handsets, but in parallel, made a low-cost Android phone under the codename Optimus (with multiple extensions to it, like T, One, etc. ) The release happened all over the world in parallel, and apparently there aren't enough cheap Android devices out there, otherwise how could you explain such a huge success?

(Well, as a transformers fan I could maybe relate some of it to the name…)

Oh, another thing worth mentioning is that the phone comes with version 2.2 built in, no need to wait for an upgrade etc.

Yep. Kudos LG. I definitely didn't see this one coming…

(BTW, Original Optimus Prime drawing by EspenG)


samar singla said…
Call conference is the great feature in mobile telecommunication. The better way to communicate with others being far away but watching each other. Great.......
John said…
Wow. I have been looking for a new android phone and didn't even know about the Optimus One. I love the transformers and this looks pretty cool. This might be my next phone.