Murphy's Law #2: Steven Seagal Cannot Be Harmed

Not sure why I even bother writing about it, but sometimes you just can't control your actions…

Recently the cables company decided to play a Steven Seagal movie every evening… and I mean… EVERY evening.


Not judging the guy for his movies quality (I can remember one which was actually a classic with "Screw-Face" as a well remembered evil enemy) – I do have one big problem with Steven's fight scenes.

He never gets hurt!

How can it be!?

Is he a super hero or what?!

I mean, you've seen Bruce Willis in his films, right? You know how there is always blood all over him… Or maybe Stallone, another culture hero which is covered with blood most of his films…

Steven Seagal? I never saw him bleed…

 bruce-willis_28810t rocky-balboa-blood-300x299 StevenSeagal

OK, so the guy is 7th dan Aikido master, but admit it, he is not that young or well shaped any longer… even the hair is not as neat as it used to be back in the 80's – so how come he never gets a single punch?

You all liked my first Murphy's Law, talking about how the first attempt to plug in a USB cable will always go the wrong way… I truly believe I found another one, it may not fit Murphy's classic scenarios, but it's a law I guarantee you that…


LOL!! I agree..Everytime in Steven Seagal films he doesn't have any single scratch on him. He's on a league with Chuck Norris.
Screwface said…
ha ha!
Funny you should notice that! I don't like him much because his films are boring.
Lol. You aren't the only one that has noticed that. Me and my brother used to always say that when we watch his movies.

Not only does he not get touched, but he moves so slow and effortless when he is fighting people but he blocks everything and nobody can beat him. You know he has a reality TV show as a cop in New Orleans.
He seems to be more concerned of his hairdo getting messed up rather than on getting beat up. LOL!