Samsung Continuum brings 2 screens to one device


If you were getting bored of the recent smartphones design that started to repeat themselves, here is something new from Samsung; a dual screen for enhanced functionality of your smartphone.

Meet Samsung Continuum.
A monster phone, part of the Galaxy family, but with a twist in its' front: 2 screens instead of one.

Wait, what was that? 2 screens instead of one? both of them in the front of the phone?

You have to see it to understand it:

samsung-continuum-verizon-google-android-0 Samsung Continuum samsung-continuum-galaxy-s-pictures-2 samsung-continuum-galaxy-s-pictures-6

The purpose of the second screen is to show ongoing notifications (does it mean the notification bar sucks? I think it does…), incoming calls, showing signs for new messages, emails, and other push notifications based on user profiles.

I think it's great. Not sure how powerful it would be, but whenever I get a new SMS while I'm playing angry birds, I would usually prefer to see it WHILE playing rather to get a popup like in the iPhone that stops everything for a few seconds… Still, this is something you need to see in order to really understand.

For the complete specs visit: Samsung Continuum Specifications

For more details and pictures, visit: Pocket-Lint


Yeah, this definitely looks great.The 2 screens are a 3.4-inch main screen and a 1.8-inch ticker display which feeds real-time information about news, emails, and missed calls. I'm scared that this additional screen will have big effect on the batter life of the phone. I will still be interested in trying it out though.
Virtual Server said…
I think this phone is cool! I'm curious about it's specs, I hope I had a better view of this. Thanks!
Cool? It is... 2 screens is something new at the market. And I don't think it will take much battery. At least I hope so.
gratis iphone said…
Nice phone, was thinking of trying one but my iphone is still my number one pick!