Why you should get an Android?

My name is Ori (@oriharel). Gil was generously enough and allowed me to blog here every once and a while.
So I'll be talking about technology, Android and the mobile space in general. in each post I'll try to:
1. Update on technology news.
2. Some personal commentary
3. Few tips and tweaks I gather in the previous week.
Hope you'll enjoy!

my first post is: "Why you should get an Android?"

  1. If you're a "heavy" Google user (i.e. your primary e-mail is Gmail account, you use Google Calendar/Maps/Talk) you won't find better Google-related apps on any other platform. Not only that the software is excellent, but the integration between them is seamless (e.g. from a Google calendar event you just hit the location of the meeting and you immediately sent to Google maps and a navigation begins!)
  2. Besides, you better off with Google's innovation anyway. did you hear about the latest YouTube Remote app that's in the market? you use your android device as a remote control on YouTube. this is a preparation for Google TV but you can test it now (connect your laptop to your TV and leanback...). Read all about it here.
  3. Which is actually a sag-way to the next topic: I actually couldn't download YouTube Remote because it's not available in my country. however, because I rooted my phone, I used an application that enables all Android Market geographic limitations to workaround it. rooting your pohone is a very friendly, one-time process which Google actually encourages (unlike others). Yes, you must void the warranty from your carrier but I find the Android community much more helpful then any other service provider I met in my life, so it was easy for me to let go the carrier's support.
    even more - when you root, you can install the latest android OS update and not have to wait for your carrier to do so.
I find the above the main reasons but there are more (Flash support, true multi-tasking, hardware diversity, etc.)

Tip of the week:
Typing on a 3.7 inch screen is one of the biggest challenges the smartphones industry is dealing with. the traditional keyboards and the letters layout was designed for two hands laying in a stationary position. one of the interesting keyboard apps that I found (thanks to @yaronsh1) is the SlideIT. (the "SlideIT Soft" is free, the "SlideIT Keyboard" is premium). you don't really need to type each word, but rather the keyboard "guesses" what you want to type, give it a try (look for SlideIT in the market). - see a screenshot below.


Anonymous said…
Isnt it just like swype? Which one is better?
Ori Harel said…
It is similar, buy available on other devices as well. I think Swype comes pre-installed on selected devices only.
HTC nexus is not one of them...
4. Android is the fastest growing mobile OS! There are heaps of great apps coming out every day and its popularity is growing quickly. It's now becoming a mainstream alternative to iPhone - which not everybody likes.