Windows Phone 7 Jailbroken. That was fast…


It seems like 1 month is just too much for the techies.

few weeks after the release date, approximately 3,000 apps, rumors of slow sales, and… jailbreaking tool. Naturally.

According to David K from MobilityDigest:

"ChevronWP7 has been released by some of the gurus who have been tinkering with the APIs. It’s as simple as connecting your phone via usb and launching an .exe file. This lets you install apps that do not comply with Marketplace standards. So yes, porn can come in but more importantly that means devs can use all APIs out there including the sensors and native code that they don’t have access to. This also means custom theme colors, ringtones, hardware button assignment, tethering/wifi sharing are all within reach."


The install steps can be found at and we can all expect a central site to host XAPs that third parties can share and download freely. Let’s also see how long MS let’s this stand before patching it.

Read more about it in here:
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Carlton said…
haaaah I love it!
I prefer to see their efforts to improve / add to WP7 rather than trying to get Android on a combined WP7. Anyone who buys a handset for Android now WP7 was just one Android handset.